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Middletown Flea Market Vendor Booth Information

General Information:
The Flea Market opened it's doors in August of 2005, and have been opened each weekend since, year round.

To Become a Vendor at The Middletown Flea Market:

Stop in & Contact the Flea Market Manager.
Ask: > How Do I Become A Flea Market Vendor?
> Is there a Waiting List?
> Does Someone Already Sell What I want to Sell?

Rent A Flea Market Booth - Booth sizes are 10' X 10'.
Each booth has a standard electrical outlet.
Standard 10' x 10' Aisle Booths - $ Ask for Price.
Standard 10' x 10' Corner Booths - $ Ask for Price.
Includes - A/C & Heating. You Add Canopy, lock or not. Painted Drywall booth walls you can repaint if you choose.
Closed And Locked Weekdays + Video & Alarmed Security.

We offer exclusives to vendors, for example:
We have 1 Cell phone repair vendor, 1 jewelry vendor,
and 1 mattress vendor. No duplicates of vendors.

We do not allow counterfeit merchandise,
No illegal merchandise, Designer Branded
knock-offs, etc. Sell Your Unique Items Here!
Ample free parking always. No overnight parking.
P.S. - This is not really the office door.
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